The source

Addon created by Njolbrim for Skript.

This ultra-light weight plugin will allow you to customize your server in a way you never imagined. Skript gives you fully control of your server. You can do whatever thing you had in mind (most of them) with a simple programming code.

Latest version 2.2


Everyone can make their server unique even without custom plugins.


It's much faster to modify some scripts yourself than to have to ask plugin developers to write some features you want.


Also there's no need to have dozens of small plugins if you can do the same with this one plugin.

If you are already using this plugin, you should take a look at the documentation. It is helpful if you want to know whether a certain event exists or what arguments a specific condition takes. And of course it's also useful if you just want to find out what can be done with this plugin.
The documentation also contains a lot of examples to demonstrate the usage of the different conditions, effects, expressions, etc.